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Flat Roof Skylight

Aliver Rooflight

Aliver Rooflight

Bringing natural light into the home all year round, the high-performance, high quality Aliver Rooflight system is a fixed, flat solution which creates a contemporary look for any property.

Providing exceptional thermal insulation, light transmission and noise reduction, the system has been designed to accept both double and triple glazed units.

Featuring an elegant and unobtrusive aluminium frame and a unique, concealed fixing system which makes the rooflight fast and easy to install, the system has also been designed such that the glazing unit may be taken out of the frame and replaced, without the frame itself having to be removed, providing a durable, cost-effective and long-life solution.

Aliver Rooflight Detail
Aliver Rooflight Aluminium Frame


Black marine grade powder coated and thermally broken as standard.

Technical Performance

U Value - 1.4W/m2K using 1.0W/m2K centre pane glass unit.

Design Limitations

The below limitations are a guide only based on a maximum glass unit thickness of 29mm. We recommend the glass unit design limitations be confirmed with the glass supplier.


Clear or Blue Glass
28mm Double Glazed
6mm Neutral Solar Control Self-clean Toughened (External Pane)
6mm Thermaglass (Low e) Toughened with a Painted Boarder on Surface 4 (Internal Pane)
Black Warm Edge Spacer
Argon Gas
Silicone Sealed


We can manufacture the flat roof skylight any size you require within the limitation sizes below:

Rectangular Size Limits

Max Length - 3000mm
Max Width - 1500mm

Square Size Limits

Length - 1500mm
Max Width - 1500mm


Arrives fully assembled via our own transport ready to install.

Kerb Detail

Kerb Detail

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