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Summerhouse and Bi-Folding Doors for a Home in Doncaster

Summerhouse and Bi-Folding Doors

Gordon and Selene Summerhouse and Bi-Folding Doors
for their home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

The home we did the work on belongs to a lovely couple called Gordon and Selene, we was approached by them in late January 2018 after they had fallen into great difficulty and let's say had quite a few problems with the company they had originally planned to do the work for them.

Gordon and Selene had suffered a large loss of money after paying out money to a company who did not know what they was doing and also did not return after been paid, after this experience all they felt was heartache and all they wanted to do was to end the project, but they also still wanted it doing.

So to make sure things went right the second time around they approached the person who built there home for them and asked him for a name of a company who could trusted to do the work, this is when our details were given to them.

When we first went to meet Gordon and selene I would like to think we hit it off from the start, they are genuine caring people and in no way deserved the treatment they had already sustained.

After been sat for a good few hours with them we talked about everything they wanted, how they wanted it to look,colours,styles, how the doors would fold, absolutely everything was spoke about even handle colours, we then produced full cad drawings and written quotes for them and they agreed the quote.

Unfortunately for them we had to ask for a deposit. This was one of the hardest questions I have every asked anyone knowing what they had already been through.

They were very worried about this and I assured them that all companies are not the same and we were 100% so they took the leap of faith and asked us to do the work.

To manufacture everything and make sure everything is correct takes time especially on a project of this size, so to keep them from worrying we kept in constant contact until we arrived on site with all the product and started to install it.

It took approximately one week to install everything and has you can see from the images the end result is stunning.

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Gordon and selene are absolutely amazed at the end result and are so glad they decided to keep on with it,
they said as a company we are the best and would recommend us to anyone.

"Craig's company were very professional. The quality of the roof, windows and the attitude of the installation team
was exemplary, leaving the house spotless at the end of each day and all delivered at a very competitive price.
We would not hesitate to use Craig's company again likewise we would recommend anyone to use them."

Gordon and Selena - Doncaster

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